10 Evening Routines That Will Make You Productive at Work

Hey guys, we discussed how to make our morning productive.

This time, I realized that the way we live our evening also determines and affects how our morning will be.

So I see it as important for us to know by bringing up an article about it. I have also decided to divide the article into two so it can be easily digested.

This post is especially for those who can’t achieve a morning routine.

10 Evening Routines That Will Make You Productive at Work—Kaye Ramos

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.” Norman Schwarzkopf

The sound of the alarm fills the room. But the warmth of the blanket and comfort of the bed is so inviting.

You know you need to get up. Yet, the most satisfying decision to make is to hit up the snooze button and reward yourself with a few more minutes of sleep.

There you go — wandering in the dreamland. Forgetting all the worries the day might bring. Ignoring all negativities that linger around. Dismissing all procrastination that might come next. Savoring every second of comfort that snooze can give. Then, reality kicks in. You wait until the last second to get out of bed. You have no energy to start the day.

In turn, you missed having your breakfast. You forgot some important things at home as you rush to work or school. You procrastinate. You feel sick up to your stomach.

Stress starts to creep in. And before you know it, your energy level depletes. You have no desire to continue the day. Therefore, affecting the quality of work you do. You have tried setting up your morning routine. You experimented on all tips shared with you. Yet, you still find yourself struggling to get up and stop hitting the snooze button.

Maybe you are like me. Establishing a grand morning routine is unachievable for you. But tweaking some habits before you sleep creates a huge difference.

It’s Time to Get Real With Yourself

Humans are wired differently — what works for others may not work for you.

Some people wake up each morning without difficulties and seem to have a high level of energy to do things. Then, there’s another side of the spectrum — those who struggle to find the energy needed to face the morning.

You are not like dolphins that could go without full sleep for 15 days but still stay alert. Or unlike an albatross who can still perform their work such as flying thousands of miles while sleeping.

Animal studies suggest that being a morning or evening person may be built into genes. It explains why some of us have difficulty tackling up tasks early in the morning or perform best during the evening.

If you have perfected your morning routine and nailing every hour of your day, then this post is not for you. But if you’ve been stuck trying to work on your morning routine, welcome to the club!

You are not alone. You probably belong to my tribe.

The key is taking some baby steps as you try to knock out every milestone you wish to accomplish.

You have to be honest with yourself and accept the truth that some things may not work for you.

The best thing is when you acknowledge that truth, you open yourself to more possibilities of other things that may work extremely best for you.

The following evening routines are based on examples given by people who performed well in their areas.

They recognize the need to take advantage of the energy they have at night. They embraced the opportunity that only nighttime can give. They took advantage of the power darkness can provide.

You too can benefit from it. Choose one or two that you want to implement.

In turn, a tremendous difference can help you the next day. You won’t feel guilty for not achieving the morning routine others expect from you.

It might even lead to greater productivity the next day.

This is where we stop today, I want you to meditate on this before you go to the second part of the article, so you will have more reason to put yourself to action.

Thank you for reading….


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