Celebrating People

Helloooo peeeople

We continue with the appreciation from the previous day.

This time, it will be celebrating people.

What do you understand by Celebrating People?

Celebrating people is honoring them and appreciating them. This can only be done when we see the good in others.

 Many people find it difficult to celebrate people nor appreciate them. They believe they have done nothing to deserve their celebration. Many are also blind to see reasons to.

To celebrate an individual, you have to understand the individual, his or her strength and weakness. This enables you to identify those things you can celebrate in the individual.

Another thing that makes you celebrate an individual is when you are open to the goodness available in such a person and blind to the individual’s bad attitude. This gives reason to celebrate such individuals.

Another tangibility that makes you celebrate an individual is when you see the individual as someone you can learn from. It gives you a reason to celebrate.

Note: we can learn from everyone, we just need to be humble in heart to be able to see.

Identifying an individual uniqueness also helps in celebrating such an individual because it gives you as a person to appreciate the individual for what he or she has and what you don’t have, instead of being jealous.

Showing love to others gives one a free heart to celebrate them. 

Once you celebrate others, you will be celebrated, this is because it gives one reason to keep being encouraged.


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