Inspiring Story Of Dr. Yolanda George-David – PhD

Happy weekend everyone,

Even as we round-up on our women inspiration week. I bring to you the story of a wonderful woman. Whose life is an inspiration. Not only to herself but the nation at large.

An important reason why I decided to put up her story today is that she has been an inspiration from a very young age and till she continued into adulthood. Adding her family and career. Full of responsibilities and passion. The true quality of a strong woman.

Tag along and you will see reason never to limit yourself. Cheers.

I bring to you, Dr. Yolanda George-David – PhD

She is a wife and mother, a Nigerian- American Neurosurgeon with her primary residency in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is also a Clinical and Relational Psychologist with a concentration in child development. She is an Academic, a multiple award-winning International Public Speaker, and Radio Show, Host.

She is also a Human Rights Activist and humanitarian. She began her charitable work aged 16 and has been very passionate about getting people off the streets.

Driven by her passion to change the world, one person at a time, she founded Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation where over 25,000 sexually abused teenagers have been counseled and empowered with key vocational and life skills. She picks up prostitutes in dangerous areas for rehabilitation, rescues sexually abused girls and boys, fights for the oppressed, gives shelter to the abandoned, feeds thousands, and covers educational and surgical fees amongst other life-changing initiatives.

Aunt Landa works with a team of passionate volunteers and together they have helped redefine and add purpose to over a million registered and non-registered members with different needs.

When speaking with Polaris bank on a program called My Pearls Story, she encourages people to be real and share life issues. She said anyone can be an agent of change if they first fill themselves up with the Education and Drive needed. She said, “I wouldn’t have achieved anything if I waited for support from anyone or companies; I have failed severally but my successes make them all worth it.”

Her Advice

Define your Dream! At 13, I wanted to change the world but at 18, I had to define the Dream. I had to decide on a pathway, set targets, and pursue those targets.

I learned that Setbacks should birth the strategist in me and if your dreams are as big as mine are, then be ready to always be afraid.

Let that Fear drive you closer to God and as you build your faith, you will see that the Fear of failure becomes a handy tool on your success journey.

Finally, because the head of the femur needs the acetabulum in the pelvic bone to articulate to form the hip joint; surround yourself with people who will hold you up when you feel like giving up.

Your dreams are Valid.

You are Capable.

You can do whatever you set your mind to do because you are a Woman, and we are designed to adapt, survive and thrive!!!

Thank you!!!  Dr. Yolanda

Am so happy I had to read this. Tell me what you have learned from her story and advice in the comment session.


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