5 Ways You Can Predict Your Success

I believe that most of us have decided to start anew this new month so that we can achieve something.

I have you in my mind and can guess what you are thinking so I have decided to share the summary of what I learned from Robin Sharma’s talk on five ways you can predict your success. He is a leading motivational speaker.

Start your month with Robin Sharma’s talk on

Five Ways You Can Predict Your Success

Yes, everyone desires to be successful but not everyone is willing to take the process because they surely can not do the necessary. They surely cannot go through the sacrifice. If you want to succeed truly, you must be willing to do the necessary.

Read through and you will surely learn. Make sure to send in your comment.

In the title above, Robin Sharma starts by saying, “Consistency is the mother of mastery.” He explained that not all you do every year makes you exceptional but what makes you exceptional is what you do every day. Most people who expect to succeed do things occasionally but yet expect great results. For those who are troubled about how they can be successful. Robin Sharma gave five ways to predict if you can succeed.

They are:

1. Early Rising

He said, the way you begin your day or your today set up how you see each day. He gave a reference to his book on 5 am Club and said it’s expected to rise early to live an unstoppable life. Our ritual of an early morning routine is as important as what we do after that. Our early morning routine must be what energizes us and pull us through the day. It can involve right on journals, meditation, exercise, write your goals, or plan for the week in a journal. It makes us value ourselves, time, and space. Makes us learn more and understand more. It also brings orderliness to our lives.

2. The Ritual Of Strategic Time Block

This means having a set time or schedule for each day of our life. He said this predicts the rest of our life, whatever we schedule is what is being done because it’s on our priority list. It’s way important. It helps us to keep tabs, knowing what is needed. He said we should schedule out every single day that is Monday to Sunday. This becomes the blueprint for the week. We must block out time for each thing. Block out time for family, friends, work, etc. It brings about balance and not disorganization. The schedule must be detailed, he said “Veg plan to go to Veg results.”

3. The Ritual Of Over Delivery

He said the ability of an individual to go the extra mile is what makes them a success. He said we are so used to meeting people’s expectations or less than that, that we don’t think of doing something extra, which is innovation, that will single us out in our organization or area of focus. He said that if we can’t over-deliver, we can’t lead in our field. Over delivery makes one indispensable to anyone or even in the organization where one works. There is a must we have to practice over delivery every day of our life or success is not in view.

4. Daily Learning (60-Minute-Student)

He said it is important that a scheduled 60minute of each day is dedicated to learning. It must be wired into our day. A ritual that makes us know more about our field. He said when we know more, we achieve more. Every master thinks like a beginner, they always want to learn. “Education is an inoculation against destruction.” He said. think like a student.

5. Private Reflection

“Antidote to busyness and being reactive is a reflection,” He said. Most people never get things done because they claim to be busy but success comes from how much we spend in solitude, stillness, and silence, thinking about our lives, work, daily behavior in line with what we want, impact, and how we want to live in alliance with our values and outcome. Reflection gives us insight into what we have to do and what is expected of us. No cloudiness nor confusion of purpose. He said that we should think about what we can do for three months to change the game for us and our organization. He said spending a lot of time thinking gives and makes one know the necessary answers. “Ideation without execution is nothing more than delusions”. It’s important to find time to practice because it is a new way to live. To live well and right.

I hope you have learned something, do well to practice, and get up. The month and year are not over. Don’t forget to give feedback on what you have learned.

By Folusewa Benjamin


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