Meet Ismail Gbadamosi, The Preacher Behind Viral “Lori Iro”

After the video “Lori Iro” went viral on social media last week, the evangelist in the video, an Ibadan-based preacher, Ismail Gbadamosi, said he has been preaching his ‘Lori Iro’ (based on lies) sermon for over six years before it went viral.

Evangelist Gbadamosi, who usually goes around town preaching the gospel to all who care to listen, spoke on a PUNCH Live programme.

I’ve been doing ‘Lori Iro’ for more than five, six years. People used to gather around me to dance to the song whenever I go out to preach. The content of my evangelism is on fake love. You are my chewing gum, you are my Tomato, you are my biscuit, those are fake loves, lips of deceit,” he said.

However, Evangelist Gbadamosi said he was not aware that Valentine’s Day was approaching but an unidentified person recorded the video and uploaded it online.

‌“It is God that brought it to that time. I had a dream that one day I will be celebrated but I didn’t know the time. It is God’s season. I don’t even know the person who recorded the video,” he added.


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  • February 17, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    awwwwn! Congratulations! to him! wow! 6 years!


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